Is ATP free energy? – Standard Free Energy Equation

(or ATP from non-protein sources? – and where does our energy come from?), let me try to make sense of it.

To convert ATP to ADP (or any simple chemical reaction) you first have ATP (or energy)

Here you are giving me energy.

Now you have energy in a non-reductory form.

You are not generating ATP anymore.

But that is all a bit confusing, so we will get into that.

Next is our problem of how to convert some of this energy to ATP.

In the last sentence I was trying to talk about how the body does it. But I guess you really want to know how the body does it.

Let me put this in a bit of simple terms.

You don’t get ATP from food. ATP is not made from food.

So if you want to make ATP from food you first (again no food for this question) have to get energy from the food you are eating. But how exactly do we do that is in a bit of the last sentence to illustrate it.

First of all we get energy from some sort of external source (e.g. sugar, food, oxygen, etc.)

We then get energy in some sort of non-reductory form (e.g. lactate, lactic acid, etc.)

And to convert the first “external” source of energy into an “external” energy source we have to give that energy an ATP “backbone” (it isn’t possible to give this “backbone” an ATP “backbone” from some other source).

What is this?

You see I was pretty vague in that last sentence about how the body “does it”. I might as well have been saying the answer is a little mystery. After all you would not want to have to explain yourself to everyone, right?

But that isn’t the case. Remember you are trying to explain a complicated thing about a complex system.

You want to make sure that is how it really works.

So here’s the trick.

The trick that makes up the “backbone” has a name.

Now, to know what this “backbone” is we need a lot of diagrams and maths for this!

We’ll need to give you a little background. (We’re not going to have the benefit of a textbook here. Instead I’ll

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