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The current electricity generation infrastructure is a total failure and we don’t need to do anything else. Of course there are a few things that could fix it, like making the grid more resilient and diversified, but all of these are a relatively low-cost, low-risk, and easy to implement upgrade.

In fact, all we need is a simple upgrade to the grid to make it smarter. Let’s do that.

What can we do to fix the power grid instead of just using it?
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The basic problem is the way the grid connects with our homes and businesses (or any other place for that matter) is broken. In a single connected grid you can easily get around this by plugging your router/thermometer into the power grid and plugging in your device to it. This is fine because, without a broken connection, you won’t notice anything and everything else will probably work perfectly fine. In terms of network design however, this is far more difficult than you might think.

Here is the problem: the internet was designed to work like that, there are lots of cables, and most homes already have a couple of routers. We plug them into the power grid directly, and as the power grid uses the cable to talk and the routers to talk, we end up connecting to each other on the internet.

This is really complicated and doesn’t fit well into any of our traditional network architectures. And to put things simply, we don’t know exactly what we want, so we go back again and again to try to figure out how we can make each one fit into the other.

And then, for some reason, we end up with a bunch of old, old, and often inefficient old routers. And we want to connect that infrastructure to each other, to a cloud, to other devices, to the internet.

The solution we want is to make the grid network more efficient and flexible. But we also need to think of it in terms of where it will work, where we can connect to at least some kind of network, and how it will all work.

And that’s where the internet comes to play.

Is there a specific problem to solve in the internet of everything?

Yes, there is. The internet can make many of the things we use today possible, like cars, computers, appliances, even homes, if the Internet can figure out how to make that possible.

But it can also do much more

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