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If there is one thing we know, it’s that in a world run on oil and gas, fossil fuels are never going to be a thing of the past.”

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The government has been investing a huge amount of money for years. It spent $2 billion on solar in the past three years. The federal government has spent half a billion dollars for wind projects in the past three years. The government has spent $100 billion on clean energy in Canada’s last decade.

In fact, despite the fact that the government has been trying to change the way the economy operates since the Harper regime started in 2006, the fossil fuel industry has been in complete denial. The main lobby groups keep telling us that even though Canada has a large and growing energy sector, it is still dependent on the oil and gas sector. And they are very confident that the future is going to be even better than that. They believe that the changes in the energy sector are going to lead to “the collapse of oil and gas as an energy sector.”

They are so confident that they don’t care if the industry, which already makes a majority of its profits in the western regions of Canada, is facing a dramatic change in the future. They aren’t worried at all about the future of the oil and gas industry in Canada, because it only affects their profits. They can keep their heads down and continue the oil and gas boom that is already going on. That is what the oil and gas industry likes to do. The government isn’t helping the industry either by telling it what will happen in the future. They seem to be on the side of the industry, which makes it hard to convince the public about what those changes will be.

What’s your take on all this? How would you explain it to people if you could?

Well, they don’t understand the world. The energy companies are very confident about some of the effects they are now going to have on the planet. The government and the industry are completely ignorant of the climate and environmental consequences. The problem with this is that their ignorance is completely justified, by the laws they are imposing on all of us.

The energy companies and governments are really trying to manipulate us. The governments aren’t actually trying to solve the problems the industry is facing, which makes it easy for them to continue with these kinds of actions. They are just trying to make you believe that the changes they are proposing, that are coming from the energy industry, will come to solve all of those issues.

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