Is free energy possible? – Free Energy Generator Plans

In a word: No, it is not!

The most common mistake a person makes when trying to solve a problem or come up with a problem solved is assuming that the solution is simple. Free energy requires a lot of complex calculations; it is a complex endeavor. Free energy is very complicated and hard to understand. Even if there were simple solutions, it will be impossible for the average person to fully understand it, so how do you get a group that has never even heard of physics to think it’s possible?

The most common mistake of students who try to solve these problems is trying to have the student come up with a solution that is a priori easy to understand (or even that it’s a priori obvious), but in some cases that simply isn’t the case.

Sometimes solutions can be found (by just asking a question!) with just a little bit of effort and a little knowledge. For example, people have long known for sure that it is possible to make a circle whose radius is equal to the square of the radius, but it wouldn’t just occur to anyone to ask how. The answer may well turn out to be no one knows. Just looking for a specific answer may not be enough. The important thing is, to be successful, you need to look for an answer (and to find an answer very quickly…) if possible, but never assume that “it’s obvious.”
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If you don’t understand it, don’t try to make it simple.

A final reason free energy is hard to understand is, even if you have a general idea, people will often try to figure out a solution, and even more often just go for the obvious answer. It is easy to understand, easy to believe, but it’s not always easy to verify and understand. For example: What happens when two protons collide? Both of them lose energy, but the rate of total loss (or the loss rate or total energy loss) is different for each “protons”. What is this lost energy? Is it something else?

Most people assume it is, but when you dig deeper, and find out that it is something else, it becomes very difficult to prove your own point of view. Of course, you don’t get to the end of the proof if you can’t prove your assertion – instead, you just end up explaining away the fact that “it’s not actually that simple,” and that it might be that someone out there knows better than you in the first place.

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