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In terms of energy, a lot depends on the conditions of your solar system.
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First, make sure that the Sun and its energy are sufficient to power your planet. In particular, make sure that the Sun is at a consistent distance from the center of the planet: the hotter the Sun, the higher the energy required to keep you cool.

Make sure the Sun is a single point in space from your planet. That is, it’s the same size as the planet, and it’s in the same direction.

If the Sun is a single point. Then you’ll require more mass to balance all the energy that you’re emitting from your planet, since it’s a very hot planet. At least for the outer layers.

If the Sun is spinning very rapidly, then instead of the planet requiring a lot more energy, it will be able to hold off the excess heat, thanks to a lack of magnetic fields in the outer atmosphere. There will still be a lot of extra heat to balance, but it won’t be as much as in a spinning disk.

A very hot Sun or rotation won’t produce a lot of extra energy; on the other hand, a very cold Sun or rotation will make a lot of energy, but it won’t be enough.

There are a lot more nuances to the equation though.

The Sun is the biggest factor here: it is the largest solar system object in the region. That means it has the most mass available compared to the rest of the solar system. The rotation speed of the outer planets means that a constant Sun will still produce energy, but you would need to go in a lot closer to get the most out of it, since you’d really want more power.

The planet (planet Earth) can be spinning at different speeds depending on the Earth’s rotation rate

You could be using a disk rotation to get your energy, as demonstrated by Mars. But if there was no Earth, the energy you get would be more than by rotating the Moon. Therefore the total energy needed would be higher, meaning your disk would rotate faster than the outer planets.

What kind of energy and power would a disk rotation generate?

In order for you to be able to use your energy from the disk rotation you would need to put some mass into it. How much mass you need depends on the planet.

Earth has a mass of 9.5 times the Sun’s mass

If you don’t put a whole

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