Is free energy possible Tesla? – Gibbs Free Energy And The Equilibrium Constant Depends

I don’t know. I think I might be wrong.

(Eds: A version of this article originally appeared in March 2016 under the title “Why Tesla Energy Isn’t Free Energy at All.”)

Update 10/25/2016:

Tesla energy is free energy.

Why so much angst? Here is a quote of Tesla energy’s inventor:

“I think that people often get very upset about what people don’t know. I always want to make sure that I’m not saying what I shouldn’t be saying. I was saying the truth because I think people were trying to do something very stupid. But if I’m going to make such a dramatic, massive statement that’s pretty spectacular to say the least, it’s going to have to be backed up by a lot of other evidence that can’t be shown without doing a few experiments. I felt it was so much harder for them to make that claim than just say ‘oh, yes, and that’s free energy.'”

But wait! There’s more! Here is a video of Tesla’s Tesla Energy keynote speech, followed by the full version of the Tesla Energy video. This is how the talk starts, which is where you hear:

“I love these speakers. I love that there are two people who are both very, very intelligent and who are not only able to give you the details but they’re able to give you the real reasons why those facts are true. But that was not always the case. When that happened we had what we call a different world to live in. We had energy problems that couldn’t be solved. They didn’t have anything really that could be done from the energy perspective, and we had to take it out of our lives. I like that it’s different. And I like it because it was an accident.”

How does the internet get us here: a world where electricity is so expensive that it’s free? When you look at the price of electricity in Germany ($0.02), we know that people are getting energy there.

For free energy to work it has to be free energy. There is no way around this – but there is a way through it. We can do it. As an inventor and a business man, Tesla did it on his own – by creating the Tesla Coil, that is.

The most powerful Tesla coil ever built is still at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. It is the largest and heaviest Tesla coil ever designed, with

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