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Why are there so few solar panel installations at home? Why is there so little solar industry? Can I make enough electricity out of solar panels? How will the price of solar panels change?

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First, here’s a sample case study:

How Will the Price of Solar Panels Change?
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“We asked Tesla’s [CEO Elon] Musk to estimate when the price of residential solar would exceed what homeowners pay. When we asked him again, his answer shocked us a little. He said we can expect it to be 20 times in about 10 years. But Tesla, and most of us, didn’t realize a whole lot of the price of solar panels is now made of government subsidies and contracts, which are made up of various types of benefits and government subsidies.

Tesla’s analysis shows that from 2035 to 2040, the price will go through the roof as solar panel prices go through the roof in the United States. With solar panels, you can’t get all the way to a 20-fold price increase and still see the benefits. Tesla points out we’ll have to wait more than a decade to reach our target — a fact we had not considered.

If we did a 20-fold price increase in 2017, it would have been less than 25/kWh which would have been a 10 to 20 year window before the price jump. In the past 10 years, the price of solar has gone from less than $0.70/kWh to $0.80. The result has been a massive change in the market. The solar industry has seen an increase in capacity and revenue by about $80 billion in the last 7 years. We estimate the total value of solar to grow to more than $4 trillion by 2020.

We asked Tesla’s [CEO Elon] Musk about this in a recent interview, and he admitted to us, ‘We underestimated how quickly the price of solar would rise.’ This was a major lesson for Tesla as an industry. We are in a race to get to a 20-fold price increase with solar

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