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You bet. An object held by a magnet is an object held by an electromagnetic force. This force attracts everything around you which acts on your body and your energy. As I have already said, a magnet is inanimate; the object is a magnetized body. In other words, it is a non-magnetized object (since it lacks a magnetic axis). As the magnetism acts against your body, it causes all the objects around you to become non-magnetized.

It is also very interesting that I just said that any “magnet” is inanimate. You can’t magnetize water. I’ve been magnetized more than once and I have no idea how to explain to people in layman’s terms why I get magnetized. But it happens. It is just a part of life. The water gets its magnetic properties by being trapped in a very low magnetic field which only extends to the point that it can be magnetized. Water does not experience magnets. It can be magnetized if it is in contact with a very strong field. Water can be magnetized to get rid of snow, but at a very high cost. It may be easy to explain something as simple as getting rid of snow with just an electric current.

The field is very weak for magnets. It extends very far away from the body and is very tiny. The magnetic force is very weak for any kind of magnetic object. Water does not experience magnets.
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However, the magnetic force also can be affected by the surrounding objects. If you rub your body for a hundred yards or so, you get some force back. If your magnetized body moves and rubs against other people, you get a strong magnetic field. It can be even stronger.

My water magnetized body cannot experience anything but water. So my water magnetized body is totally non-magnetized. The electromagnetic field, the field of the magnetized body, is not strong enough to attract water, but only is it able to attract water.

Water doesn’t have any magnetic forces so the water we will be magnetized by is a magnetized object. There are no magnetized objects in the water, only water.

One of the main things people always ask is if water acts like a magnet to attract magnetized objects (such as magnets, electric currents or earth particles.) Water doesn’t work like a magnet. Even more important to know is that water is a very small magnet on a very large scale. Water actually

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