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If you say they can, this is because magnetic fields are very, very strong and very hard to change, so you can’t use them to produce energy. This is what is known as a magnetic monopole. They are created in water by a certain concentration of hydrogen ions (H+) and helium ions (H 2 O). If there is a drop of this liquid at an angle to the surface it can hold a charge.

However, these dipoles become unstable as they try to push back against the force of gravity and the dipole spins, creating a magnetic field. With enough of that field a force is applied to the dipoles and the magnetic field is reduced, but not to a magnetic monopole. The force is still there and you then need to use one of the other forces like electricity and magnetic fields to produce electricity on your device.

How does the water create the potential difference?

The water is a combination of water and helium, two heavy molecules, and the potential difference is created by the difference in weight. The water molecules are the ones that give the dipole an electric field, but all the other molecules of water do not. The dipole does have an electric field and if the dipole changes size there is a potential difference, but if you create a voltage in the solution the dipole does not produce an electric field.

Why is it important?
Tang 01b enthalpy, entropy, and gibb's free energy

The concept is simple. Electricity is an electromagnetic wave in which an energy carrier in the form of electromagnetic energy is being passed throughout the universe: from planets to the stars, from bodies to objects and also to the atoms in substances. A dipole is what creates this wave, it can create a voltage across the water, so if you create a voltage by touching the tip of an electric needle you create a dipole.

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The forest rangers, after spending eight years with this village, are known as Aam

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