Is free energy possible with magnets? – Tesla Free Energy Generator Schematics

It must be done.

However, it is not a good idea to attempt such free energy.

You can do it with the help of some magnets.

But to achieve any free energy you must possess the right kind of magnets.

One type of magnet which is good for this is the steel magnet.

Why I believe in magnets

Magnets are used as a source of magnetic energy

As we know, magnetic energy is a power in nature, but it is not the only power, because it can be converted in many ways.

A common example of this conversion is with power of electricity.

Magnets are used to convert magnetic forces to energy, or to work in the same way.

Magnetism is fundamental but many things are also created by a variety of mechanisms or even forces.

There are more forces in nature than just electromagnetism.

All these forces exist together with each other, so that the whole body of nature has both internal and external force.

It is because of these forces that we understand gravity, force of attraction and force of repulsion.

Here is the basic law of force, which states that the sum of an action plus its cause becomes equal to the result.
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What’s your reaction?

Should you want to experiment with a magnet in your hands or on the surface of a sphere? It is safe and practical to do so.

First of all, consider to what extent your hands and the surface you work should be protected from the magnet.

In particular, it is not enough to leave a magnet away from hand, which is an easy target, but always make sure it’s not near the surfaces which your tools are handling.

So if at a job site, magnet is placed for example between a screwdriver handle and an angle grinder, it is not enough to leave the magnet in the handle and the grinder alone.

It has to have the same distance between them, or in other words it had to be moved in a different direction.

In other words, it has to be moved in a way that it can’t get any magnetic contact.

I also recommend to avoid putting the magnet in a hole or hole which you can’t open. This is just like placing your hands in boiling water and let them heat by themselves. The boiling water cannot boil without heating the hand. A hole or hole which is blocked can

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