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When we use energy, we use the energy that has come from somewhere. In this way, it is only in relation to its potential that we can consider the energy coming from something. In reality, it would be impossible for the whole of the universe just to remain as energy. Rather than a single point of energy, we can only discuss a part of the energy. The energy that has to be stored in a solid object or a closed container can be stored in a single point in space. In the same way, the energy that is stored in a single point in space can be stored in a single atom. It is the difference of the energy that we could have stored in different physical places that makes it possible that our universe exists at all. If energy was stored in different objects, we would just forget all of these places because the energy would be too small to store in a single place. It is the existence of the universe in these spatial conditions that gives the illusion of the unity of energy that is an illusion. The same is true when we consider our physical existence. Our existence here would always be limited but it would also be limited in the possible location that it could be contained. One way of looking at energy in an isolated object or a closed container is as a constant. A constant is something permanent, something that has a physical state and has no other state. Like the physical state of an object that we can store and use, a constant is an object that can be “taken out” of time. The amount of energy we would need to store to store everything that we know from the scientific discoveries could not exist. This point of view is why they call a static value an absolute energy to separate it from other objects of energy that are not static. An instance of the continuous state of an object is the way it acts. While the amount of energy that can exist with any particular state of an object is limited, our understanding of space can allow us that an object can exist in a static form with other objects in a specific location at a particular time. The same is true for all forms of energy. In this static state, we cannot perceive the energy. The energy is still not present and the information we use to calculate it is limited. One way that we have of recognizing the energy that is hidden is to call it “inertial” energy. Inertial energy is the same concept as energy that exists in a closed container, a static state in space. It allows us to calculate the amount of energy that is
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