Is it possible create energy? – Free Energy Generator Pdf In Hindi

I had a big dream and came to the planet and the universe and I wanted to become energy. I wanted to be able to create energy, to become a force as powerful as the sun and the dark. I wanted to bring the power of life. But there was no way – I didn’t have the will, no… I didn’t have the desire to create, like the Sun. I didn’t want to die. Because if one day, you wake up and find that your life has been erased – what would you do? You would be just in time, you would be a force to be reckoned with. But the planet still had the power of life. So, I wanted to become a force that would kill the darkness and life in a hurry. That was my ambition. But of course, I had no idea, I couldn’t – I didn’t know how.

The last question was: “Why not me? Who could do it?”. I had a dream – in the future I would become a god. God I wanted to create – the god I had heard about. A god of peace. The idea was to create peace in the universe and for my own salvation. But who would be the savior of this world? The way I saw it was someone else to save. An individual who can change the planet’s destiny. The first thing I wanted to do was to create peace in this world. I wanted to have a new world. I would change the destiny of the planet. But of course, the way I saw it…I wanted to bring death. As well as, I would see to it that I have all the forces that live in the world and I could use them to destroy the dark. That is why I needed a weapon. I needed a dark weapon because I know that dark is the key… And so I came up with it. And for me – that dark weapon, the dark weapon is a small and fast-moving spaceship.
Thermodynamics ii

I would take this ship and I would make the Earth’s destiny fall on its head. I could have an accident and the ship would disappear. And I would save the Earth. And I would have the power to create many weapons to defeat the darkness in the universe. And as well, I would create many different ways of defeating the dark in this universe. And I would be able to destroy the dark in the one way that I could. And I would be able to find a way to make the dark disappear so that it can be forgotten

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