Is magnetism an energy? – Free Energy Equation And Reversibility

How does it work?

You asked.

Let’s start by addressing one of the biggest misconceptions about magnetism: it is an energy. That is true, but it has one unfortunate limitation: it only works on “normal” objects, which are not superconductors or light, etc. We are going to look at more of the properties, what makes them work, and just how the magnetic field comes to work on normal objects. This is going to make sense on the surface, but then you’ll see how it actually works.

In the diagram on the right, we are just talking about the energy that is necessary for a magnetic field, but also the speed at which a material magnetizes. In the picture, the red blob is a normal, non-magnetic material. But then I noticed something that made the magnetization happen. Notice that in the middle of the picture is a magnetized solid (solid) and a non-magnetic blob (non-magnetic).

What’s going on here? When a material is “magnetized” (which is a word we’ll come to), the two surfaces are pulled towards each other. These surfaces, the surfaces which you have just built, are the “wires” that connect the objects together (the two lines).

Notice that the wires come in many, many directions at once. So what do they all connect together to? This is the “magnetization flux,” which defines the direction(s) that electrons get pulled towards. A typical, non-magnetic object is going to have a relatively strong flux between the two surface(s). We are going to call this “magnetic,” but let’s just call it the magnetic flux. We’ll ignore those “normal” surfaces, and just show you the lines running from the center of a normal object (the surface) to the center (the flux).

In our picture, this magnetic flux is going on between the normal (blue) surfaces, and the other normal surfaces, the points where the two lines meet. You will notice why this is important, in a minute.

If there was a bunch of non-magnetic spheres, and the field was turned on, you might expect there to be this magnetic flux that got pulled in from the other objects, but it’s not. What happens to the flux is that all of the atoms turn on their magnetic properties, and the magnetic flux just picks up speed along that wire.


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