Is magnetism an energy? – Gibbs Free Energy Cell Biology

When did it first start happening to us? Is it really something we can “see?”

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Why are so many people in the same family, or near each other, or working together. (It might be for a better opportunity for sex? How do those children ever get along without their mom and dad?)

Why do people keep falling dead, or suddenly disappear/die?

Why does no one know exactly who is in charge of all this? What is happening on any given day, in any event? (Does any major plotline come into play?

What is the secret that everyone is trying to hide? How does this secret work?

Where is the missing section of the brain? Why is it located in such a remote location? Why were all the people that I knew suddenly vanished one night? Why is that relevant to my life? What were they missing? Why is it important to find out? Why is everyone “fishing” for information? Why does someone suddenly need to be “cleansed”? Why would anyone “go missing”? Why does my memory always make me “sensed” something? Why don’t I remember most of my past events? Why do so many odd sounds happen? Why do I have so much trouble falling asleep? Why do I remember so much, sometimes, but don’t remember the next 3 hours? Why do so many of the people I know seem in no real hurry to “join the family”?

What is the purpose of this “programming”?

What exactly is the “hidden memory?” How do I figure that out? What does it mean?

Why am I now “so” old? Why do I have so little energy life? Why can’t I get some new friends and “go see that movie?” Why do so many weird and awful things happen to me? Why are so many of these things bad and strange?

How does the body, brain, nerves and “energy” work? Why do my “fitness”/energy levels seem to vary? Could it be that this is just a “condition” to get me to think things that I really don’t, in fact, want to think?

Why do I feel very “stressed” if I am being careful or thinking things that would be “wrong” to say, or doing things that would have been “wrong” to do? Why does my physical life seem to be totally “interrupted” and I don’t feel the “pressure

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