What is a free energy device? – Free Energy Motor

A free energy device is an alternative to the conventional power system. It would remove the cost of a standard electric power system and eliminate the need to install and maintain a grid.

What is a free energy device in the real world?

In many countries around world, it is possible to have a power system that does not rely on conventional fossil fuels. A free energy system could replace the use of conventional energy and provide a much lower cost to provide power.

What kind of free energy device would you need?

A free energy system would contain a small amount of batteries, a battery charger that can recharge a device, a storage battery, a high power transmitter circuit, and transmitters.

How could a free energy device be more efficient?

A high powered transmitter should have a transmission efficiency over 90%. The energy used by the device should be more than enough to charge a very small amount of batteries.

Include all your batteries in the system, not just the low capacity ones. When the system uses the battery for charging, the system will use less power from the high power devices.
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You should use high quality free energy batteries for your free energy device.

Does the energy you use for the device take up that much power for the same number of minutes?

No that is not possible. The free energy battery does not use the entire amount of energy in the device. So instead of charging you could use the energy when needed.

If there are not enough batteries in the system, what happens to energy used in transmission?

Transmission losses are reduced if the free energy transmission device uses a battery. Transmission losses also are reduced with the free energy device if its size is larger.

What are you going to do with your free energy device?

All of the power and electricity used to charge the free energy device is converted to electricity and used by plants.

Does the free energy device only work during the day?

The free energy device can also work at night.

What happens when a low energy device takes battery?

The free energy device can keep working. If the free energy device is not taken out when the battery is exhausted with a low energy device, the free energy device will turn on at night. So when you are taking a free energy device out, keep it in a container so the free energy energy device does not go out.

Can I use the same free energy device on multiple people

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