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Delta G refers to the ratio of calcium to potassium. It is most well known from the equation:

Ca+K+ (1-K2) = Ca(K+/Ca2+)

You can find more detailed explanations to the above equations by clicking on the links just above.

How does a Delta G calculator help me?

The Delta G Calculator on CalculatorCites provides an extensive list of chemical forms and is ideal for calculating the delta G value of common pharmaceuticals. In addition, it can also calculate the delta G of various dietary supplements and can be used to convert calcium into potassium. The site also shows several common products and shows all their ingredients, which can be useful in comparing the effectiveness of different products.

The page on the Delta G Calculator can be found on the website under the Delta G menu. This is the main page of the calculator:

Delta G Calculator on CalculatorCites

Other products containing calcium include:

Calcium-based supplements:

Calcium-containing dietary supplement:

Potassium-containing mineral supplement:

What is the Delta G of calcium?

The total calcium content of calcium-containing dietary supplements usually ranges between 14mg (2 parts) for most popular supplements such as multivitamins, and 2-5 mg (3-5 parts) for more rare and expensive supplements. Some of the more popular and expensive calcium-containing supplements contain up to 50mg (1/5 part) of calcium as their total content.

Why are calcium supplements used in place of the more expensive and widely used mineral vitamin or mineral supplements such as RDA’s and mineral water?

The major reason for using calcium supplements instead of more commonly used mineral vitamin or mineral are based on the fact that calcium is a necessary mineral for human growth and development.

What is the delta G of calcium?

There are several reasons for what causes the lower than expected amount of calcium in our food and what may explain it.

What are some common calcium supplements?

Here are a few commonly available calcium supplements

What is the delta G of magnesium?

Magnesium is an important mineral which is used in our bodies. Most of us should take a minimum of 20g (0.8 ounces) a day for optimal function. The main reason for its low calcium content that comes as a result of its low content of magnesium is its relatively high content of calcium and that is

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