What is free energy device with magnet? – Free Energy Device Plans Samsung Motor

It’s an electromagnet that can be made using a cheap material called magnetite. The device is made using high voltage and low resistance magnet.

You can also use it on your computer, mobile device or smart device without any modification.

How is electromagnet used as a wireless technology?

The electrical current is carried by magnetic field.

If you use it as a wireless technology, you can pass and receive data between both wireless device and phone in one of the following ways:

The wireless device sends and receives wireless signals wirelessly from a computer or smart device.

The wireless device generates and transmits wireless signals wirelessly from another device of the same kind of magnetic field.

How to create the electromagnet?

The material that is used for making the electromagnet is magnetite, which is a natural substance found in earth and also in space.

Here is diagram showing how the material could be made:

Materials Needed:

Magnetite (magnetite has an electrical charge)

Woven wire

Electrical tape

Step-by-step diagram of making the electromagnet.

First you may need sewing machine to weave wires for wiring.

After sewing machines ready, you may use an electric welding torch to cut wires to make them smaller.

For electric welding, you can find online welding supply shop.

To put the magnets inside the magnetite, you can use 3-in-1 magnetite adhesive glue.

Here is how you can use electrostatic bond in a way similar to electromagnets.

How to assemble your electromagnet?

After you have completed assembling electromagnet, you can use it as wireless technology.

It is only required to make three magnets on your wireless device:

It’s just one piece of magnetite but it’s much easier to assemble it.

After you have assembled electromagnet on your device:

You can put it in your mobile phone and use it as a wireless technology.

If you want to use it as a wireless technology, first, you need to make a low-frequency wireless signal between your mobile phone and the electromagnetic source. Then, you can use the electromagnet.

How to control your electromagnet?

The electromagnet operates with a high voltage and has low resistance.

In order to control a

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