What is free energy device with magnet? – Magnetic Motor Free Energy Perpetual Generator

Our product is a self-powered magnet, which works as either a magnet or power source. It is equipped with a single 8-pin DIN connector (2.5mm) with a maximum current of 0.9 A for USB charging.


*8-pin DIN/female power/charging connector

*8-pin DIN/female USB connector for convenience of charging

*1.2A (for USB charging)

*4-pole magnetic charging mechanism

*1A magnetic-to-magnetic-charge for compatibility with smartphones, computers and home appliances

*Micro USB data port for convenient data transfer

*Micro USB data signal

*Magnetic field

*Operating hours of 0.5-25 days(5-60 days)

*Safety circuit

*Safety shut-off circuit

*Comes in a resealable packaging

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