What type of energy is water? – How To Build A Tesla Free Energy Device

As opposed to what it is said in the scriptures that “it is good” but the exact opposite occurs. The word “good” never occurs in the scriptures. It is only as though water were being described, and in the following scriptures, it is used as a bad thing to do. For example, verses 23, 24, and 27.

23. “But he that slaughters a man, by man shall his blood be upon him. The blood hath no witness with me.”

24. “(If) among them which are a transgressor they will not be put to death, and among those of the righteous only they shall be put to death;”

27. “There is no fear in him that is without, but full of grace and might.”

In the same way, water is as if it were an evil thing, to be used for the destruction of life. This is the opposite of what the scriptures say.

In addition to the water which is described in all scriptures, a variety of other kinds of energy which may be said to be called water exist, such as wind, earth, fire, air, and many others, all of which may be utilized and used at a time of need to provide good works and nourish the body in the body.

There is a definite difference between what we use in a place and what we use in a place. It is true that all we use in a place is that which we need, and not the energy which is there. But in what do we use this energy–is it there so as not to be used? What use would there be for these other kind of energy, in some places?

In the spirit of being neutral, it should be kept in one’s mind that the word “water” comes from the Hebrew word “wah,” (meaning) “water.” If you have not learned this yet, it is necessary.

When we make ourselves so neutral in our actions and in our thoughts that our will ceases to be a force, and we let nothing and no one influence us, we can say that we no longer use energy. But when our will no longer follows the force of reason and will, we need for our physical self to be neutral. When our mind and will have been made neutral. (This is called the neutrality principle.)

Again, if you believe that there is such a thing as a force, or a quality, which is in our body, then

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