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The only things that would change is the price of the commodity to the farmer, and the rate at which that commodity grows. It would not be possible to raise the price of the farm. As for prices of any agricultural produce, they would depend on many factors; but how they could rise to astronomical levels is another story.

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So, while the price of land is fixed by the government, what about rent? Rent to peasants depends on their ability to produce. The greater the yield, the higher the rent. The larger the landholdage as well as the more productive the peasant, the higher the rent.

All land is held in the hands of one person, and only one farmer can produce any land, at any one time. This farmer is called the rentier. This landlord has a strong interest in keeping the farmers from taking their land. If they did, competition would drive their prices down.

But it was not this way in England. In 1597 the English Parliament passed the Law of 1649. This was the first law to give a definite amount of rent as the law of equity. This law divided land into allotments, and was enforced by the parish and borough magistrates. Each parish or town had one of these landholders, called the warder. The wardser of the parish or town was entitled to a certain amount of the rents of the peasants living in it, or of their heirs; and this amounted to a maximum of one-tenth of the peasant’s income. For example, a tenant of a field paid 25 ounces of corn, and he was entitled to 25 ounces of rent. But the tenant could leave the field and claim no more in rent.

The rent that was in the landholdable district was the rent of all the land the tenant had worked, and the price of the corn. The other tenant’s price was the rent he received for that portion of the land that he had not taken. They were not exactly the same thing, but they were very similar, since the landlord needed not to take the whole of the land; he took only those portions which he wanted.

In 1650 this law was taken directly from Great Britain, and the following year the law of 1652 made it a permanent law in both Great Britain and Ireland. The English farmers were thus compelled to pay the landlord a fixed amount of rent.

This fixed amount of rent was given to landlords as a means of collecting all the rents that could be collected. And what

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