What would happen if energy was free? – Pjk Book Free Energy Devices Instructions

Let us take an ordinary electric car for instance, in which all energy costs are borne by the passenger. What would happen if energy is free?

One way to think about this problem is that an electric car would run on free energy, with the power being provided by the electrons passing through air. This is a typical solution to the energy question. We can also try to find out what happens if energy is not free, by using the following analogy: let us take a piece of cloth and wrap one leg around it. If we then open the cloth to reveal a new piece of cloth, the leg can now be cut off using the same process. However, the leg (and whatever is inside it) will still have some weight attached to it. This weight can be used to hold the cloth around another piece of cloth, but since weight increases and the diameter of the cloth increases with increasing thickness, the number of leg pieces necessary to hold the cloth increases with increasing thickness. So, unless the weight is replaced with some other mass, the system will eventually stop working, with the cloth eventually becoming too heavy to support.

We can also add more parts to the equation. Let us say that a more powerful lithium-ion battery will add to the energy requirements of our electric car. We then have to consider what happens if these additional factors are removed, by removing their supply, or increasing the amount of fossil fuels that are required to run our power plants. Since we are considering electric cars as a single type of energy system, this implies that we can no longer assume that any part of any energy supply system can exist without some other.

A natural consequence of the loss of energy from any energy supply system is that it will consume more fossil fuel, while retaining all the other factors necessary to operate it. This will create another form of energy imbalance. However, even when this imbalance is eliminated, it will still be impossible for energy to be free. It will be necessary to create another energy system to generate electricity. This means the need for new technologies to replace the existing technologies must occur, and the cost will rise. Thus, we will see a long period of growing energy demands, with more and more power plants required to satisfy the growing demand at higher marginal cost.

Thus, it is unlikely that we could get away with treating energy as a free commodity. We would need to pay for the energy and the time that went into creating it as well as the cost of producing and maintaining it. If we used up

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