Why is free energy Impossible? – Energy Free Meaning In Hindi

The answer is that energy is a product of the sum total of all the things the human mind can grasp. It is that much richer, and therefore the more interesting, if we can conceive of it as something more and more abstracted. And so, after all the human energy we have ever gathered, the human mind can now see it as a great summing up of everything it has ever been given to comprehend, or as a more and more complete and unified whole. It can then have a vision in the way that it wants to. It is free to dream a vision or to imagine a dream, to imagine another dimension as a kind of ‘external’ one, as a way in which it can put its own thoughts into words, as an imaginary world or as something for which it must invent a name. It is free to dream what else it wants to. It can do whatever it wishes to do because of this freedom. It can do it and nothing will stop it. And so to have achieved all this, we have to achieve freedom. But who are the true masters of freedom? The true masters are those who have experienced and learnt from the great experience of our time – and those who, at the point when they feel as free as possible, let go of things they cannot continue to grasp or understand and concentrate their attention on what they can. We can choose to dream of something we can only imagine (the way the dreamer lets go of his dream) and then to experience the very real thing being made possible; and, if we do not choose such a way, it is possible that our dreams will be unreal; that our imaginations and what we call ‘reality’ will be false. If we are the true masters of the future we must learn to let go of our illusions and concentrate on what we can. But, even if we cannot understand or comprehend these things yet, what do they mean? Do they contain hidden truths and are the great ideas they contain worth our time? They might be. They might, and for that we should be grateful. Otherwise we should only wait until there is a new world for our dreams to reach. One need not be a dreamer to realize the power of the words we use. We can do better: we can do with words what they did for us and for nature: we can use the words of nature. What do such words mean? I say that the words we use in our dreams, though the same ones that we use in the waking and in the day,
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