Are heavier horses faster? – Horse Race Track Near Los Angeles

-Yes. The heavier the horse, the quicker and much better he performs. But as a general rule a light horse will be faster than a heavy horse. In fact the fastest horse you might meet is the average weight of a medium weight rider. You might meet a strong rider with a 200lb rider, or a well built rider with a 75lb rider.

What is the ideal horse size? -In theory, a perfect horse should be a 150lb rider. But to make up for the weight a rider needs the rider to be light. Weighing less than 150lbs would give a rider the ability to carry more weight and keep an eye on the rider and the horses. As the weight increases the rider also needs to be less muscular, because a heavier rider forces his body weight into a more unnatural pose. It is also easier to control your weight with a lighter rider or horse.

What is the optimal horse trainer? -A good horse trainer is a combination of the techniques, training plans and knowledge of horse anatomy we have covered so far. The training you get, and the skills you can put to use are your own personal preferences.

How powerful is a horse? -A horse uses his muscles to jump and run. An average horse of 50lb should be able to jump and run in 5 minutes and walk in about 30 minutes. A 400lb horse can jump and run at speeds approx. 100mph, and walk at 90mph. A 400lb weight rider can also walk faster than a light rider.

Is a horse hard? -A hard horse will be more powerful and fast if pushed to their limits, but this is not the case when it works for the rider. A good trainer will push the horse hard, or put them forward in training. We would often push the horse too far and leave them tired. We often leave them injured.

Does a horse walk or run? -No. Horse do not walk or run. There needs to be a specific training plan for a horse, which is covered earlier in the article ‘The horse’s brain’

The horse’s leg muscle is used to jump, and the horse has to do this quickly. So horses walk by muscle and they do not run.

What is the size of a horse’s hindquarters? -The hindquarters in horses are about 3-5 inches in length. Each horse has a specific length that it will be capable of in an attempt, to jump high. This will vary in colour

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