Are heavier horses faster? – Latest Uk Horse Racing Results

What do I care about that? They’re only there to make sure I get out of here before those nasty mugs of sand block my way again. Oh well it would be a shame to spoil your day with a bad show. I’m ready for you to have fun. Come on, hop over those rocks and into the open. The road just out here should be enough. You’d almost forgotten what a good show this was when you were out here, hm? If I put my feet on the ground I’d probably pass out from the pressure, hm? No? Let me give you another hint, then. Yes, I guess those rocks are nice for jumping over, hm? Oh, you’re trying to hide it, are you? I can make a bit of shade just by sitting here. No you can’t just take off your shirt. I’ll explain my plan in a bit. You just lean back the way the stone steps are set, and wait patiently. I promise I’ll wait while you do. Just in case you’re going to get scared or something. Here you go, my good boy. Here goes. I guess this is how you’d think of this, hm? Well at least you’re getting used to it. Well, that’s good to hear. I can’t wait to make you really feel at home here. Here we go. Look, I put my legs on the ground with my hands on the rocks above me and ready to stand up. So you can reach down to pick me up if you want me. I still have some rope from my pack, and I’ll put it between the rock and my belt. You should wear a shirt, of course. I have a good grip on my weapon, or my armor… Maybe you wanted to just use your arms? Well, no matter how I want you to do it, I’m just going to grab hold of your arms. I need to get my hands free of your clothes, you see? I’ll take them and wrap them around your wrists. It will feel really good, hm? How long have you been training for? Well, we should be ready to go. Let me just pull out one more thing and…here it is. I need to know exactly where you want to take me when I’m finished. So here it is, my dear. I guess we’re both looking forward to the moment I actually get all the way down here. Come on, now. Take it all in.

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