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Can we get him back to the stable?”

“We can,” she said. She could be almost so easily fooled: she wore a mask for the face, like a mother. She would laugh at the most trivial of occasions. There had been a time when she had been able to go back and give them a good whipping after they had beaten their horses; there would still be a time when she would simply wait, as they did now, and the horses would be well and ready to go back to the stable. For her part, she was a very easy horse to hold, and the stables were very full with horses.

“You’ve got to admit,” said the young man, “that the two little devils here have all sorts of tricks; and they’re the only two that really are my horses. You take your chance and let me see what they’ll do with them.”

He took his chance and the horses ran into the stable. She saw them all with a thrill of horror. The two little devils who had been on the whips looked just as though they had been killed for the pleasure of it. It was just that kind of thing, she thought; the joy in a child’s sight. They ran into the stable at a run, and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped, until the door closed behind them, and the horses were in the stable again without being able to get any more than a single turn to them.

They got into their old stables, looked about, and found out that the door was open as it had been.

“Oh, bloody hell! The little bastards!” they cried. “It was just a silly trick, all right; but what could we do about it? It’s the only way they can get into our stables.”

“We couldn’t do anything about it,” said the boy; “there’s no way we could stop them. They’re just so clever.”

“Well, then,” said the two little devils, “we’ll do something about it ourselves; and I’d rather do that than have them in our stables.”

They sat down by the door. The boy stood by them, and the two little devils sat on the horses, close beside him. The boy was afraid; it seemed, so far as he was concerned, as though he would be killed for it.

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“Let me try,” he said. “Try and get into the stables myself if

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