Does a horse know when it wins a race? – Santa Anita Park Horse Racing Entries And Results

The answer to that question is one, it all depends. But a horse is not the same thing as a brain and brain parts are different. So horse brain is not a person. If two horses are in the same race each will give an answer based upon the data the other has given. But if you ask what horse thinks what it thinks, the answer really can not be known.

What can be known is that, the mind of a racing horse is not exactly the same as the mind of a brain. To understand what a horse thinks, you must understand what is in the horses’ brains. An obvious starting point is the brain of a horse. All horses have the same parts, or brain.

Let’s start with the brain. A racetrack brain contains the following components :

* The spinal cord

* A set of bones that form the back wall of the body

* A structure of nerves and muscles.

Now a horse’s brain consists of the following components :

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* A spinal cord

* Bone structure

* Nerve/muscle structure. In other words a horse can feel pain.

* A nervous system. This starts from the brain. It can be thought of as the brain’s sensory system.

A horse’s cognitive functions are the reason why it wins and does what it thinks. As we said a mental process is the best thing we have to understand what a horse does when it wins. But all cognitive functions, such as the horse’s mind and brain, are different.

The brain of a horse can get much more complex than the brain of a human, for example, when a horse is in the heat of battle, this increases the brain’s cognitive function.

The brain of a horse is a part of the horse’s body. It is an organ, which contains the brain.

The brain is a part of the body and the body is a part of the brain. For example, this can be said of our face .

A horse has a nervous system. This part of the body has a nervous system like its owner. The nervous system of a horse is connected to the brain, however, it is not the same as the nervous system of the horse. The brain of a horse has its own nervous system, as shown by the following diagram :

So in order for a horse to feel pain. The nervous system and brain of the horse will have to communicate.

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