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He did die. I was in the room when he was pronounced dead by emergency medical crew. His breathing had stopped abruptly. The medical crew were able to revive him. He was taken to Cedars-Sinai, where they stabilized him.

The following day, we heard from his mother, Ann Marie. She did not want anything be done to Seabiscuit. She was trying to be at all involved with the band’s tour schedule. “You just want to give him a hug and tell him that he’s OK,” she said. “You just want him to be able to play rock ‘n’ roll again. What’s wrong with him? It’s his life, dude.”

Is everything going well?

The band is now off the road. The album will be released for free this September for all who want to order it on its website.

More than 60 people went through a metal detector at the San Bernardino airport. They all had metal in their shoes.

This is the most insane airport security ever? That must be a joke.

No, that is not a joke. This is an airport security checkpoint at Los Angeles International Airport for my wife and I right now. It’s the most incredible security ever. I can’t explain it! It’s the most insane airport security ever.

Why didn’t they stop all passengers?

I don’t know, but that’s not why they stopped me or my wife. All I can say to you is that we don’t know why. Why would you stop an individual like this? I’m not a terrorist, I’m an American citizen. I have rights that Americans do not. If we weren’t allowed to fly, what would we do? What if we had to sit in front of those cameras forever? If I’m out on a plane, are you not allowed to do that to me? Are you going to continue to take us to those places that we don’t want to go?

Is it illegal to wear bracelets like this at airports? I read in People magazine yesterday that wearing such bracelets at airports is illegal.

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It is! That’s why this is illegal, because it would be a terroristic action. No American president, including one in the last 19 years, has ever worn anything resembling a bomb-making device that might go off at an airport. It’s completely illegal. It absolutely is illegal.

Do you think this is going to go

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