How do horse race bets work? – Downloadable Horse Racing Games For Pc

The easiest way to see some of the odds in a horse race is to watch the pre-determined TV news broadcasts. There are a couple of options available to most betting shops. Some shops offer bettors their own televisions so bets can be made quickly before the races start.

If horse betting was available, bettors could call in a bet of up to £7.00 per horse – this is less than the average bet on soccer. For a £7 bet, you take a bet of £4 for a 1 per cent chance of winning the game: £7 * 100 = £5.00 (in a 1 per cent chance of winning the World Cup, not including betting fees).

Alternatively, some sports betting shops are offering odds for individual horse races in £5 increments. That’s £3.00 for the chance of winning £5 on a horse who is expected to finish 3rd. That’s a pretty small change: £50 worth of betting.

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Betting sites that don’t offer horse racing odds offer odds for individual races as well.

How do I keep track of the results of my bet?

As the race is won and lost, the odds are displayed. Betting sites that don’t provide live information will show a ‘result’ bar on your computer after the race is declared. Betting sites that do track the betting bets will show the name of the favourite horse, and which horses are at the front and behind the favourite.

Betting tips

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