How do I get good at horse racing? – Templegates Horse Racing Tips

As soon as you can get good at horse racing you should find a good place to practice. You should practice for around a year at the beginning of your racing career, after that you could go for a few racing seasons, or more usually just at the first race. When you do stop racing you should stop with your horse. That would also be a good moment.
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A good place to practice is the racecourse itself. There is so much to learn and a lot can happen during those races. Many things can happen inside the horses, they can get sick and so forth. Horses don’t have their own minds and they can have a good time or a bad time. They might run hard and get tired, they might have a bad day, or they can be upset and so forth. The point is that after you’ve learned how to race you should be very confident of your horse, you should be able to win a race on his own, but you should always practice so that you’re confident in how he’s doing. Don’t give an enemy the chance to make that mistake on you.

When I say confidence in your horse I don’t mean that you should believe that your horse is perfect, but you have to be confident in your horse’s ability, because if he’s not confident in his ability then he’s not going to make it. If you’re not confident that your horse will finish he’s not going to make it, you must believe what you can see out there. You have to be in that mindset that you are the best at what you can do. That’s the first thing, the whole training process is getting to that point. That’s where everything that we’ve done together together – not just racing and getting out there with horses but just a lot of coaching, horse training, horse grooming – everything you do should be to help your horse become the best he can be, because he’s the greatest. That’s our objective and in terms of racing that’s how we achieve that.

What about training? What training methods do you recommend?

In the beginning when the horse is young, they’re very simple horses. It’s all about trying to help them understand what is needed, what you need to do as far as training goes and as far as the horse is concerned. A horse needs to be kept on the green, they need to be told where they need to be. They need to be taught to do things and to do very often, they must be taught to do

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