How do you pick a horse to win? – Horse Racing Nation 2016 Kentucky Derby Contenders Beyer

You pick the one that will give you the most wins. So to go back a bit to your last question, what would you pick to be your horse to win races? Well, you would go to a company in the U.S. that has been around for 15 – 17 years and they have had a really good track record in terms of the horse they have in their stable. Now the track record of how well a horse performs is very dependent upon who the owner is. In the United States it depends upon the owner, but some people who have a really good track record, like Bob Daugherty, owner of the Triple Crown, who also has a track record in other parts of the world, you know we just put in a great deal of research with Triple Crown. He has one horse that is undefeated. I think Bob Daugherty probably would have liked to have had that horse with an American pedigree. There are some very good American riders. But if you are going to be a good rider, you are going to have to spend a lot of time with them and you don’t want to be riding a horse and thinking “oh this guy does some things, I wish I had a bit more of that”. You are not in the position to do that as a rider. So you say, “what do I want as my horse” and you need a strong horse that will give you a lot of wins. So you look at how good the tracks are and you just talk to people in that field and you try and pick out any horses that will give you the most wins. So this horse is known as the Triple Crown horse, the American champion. That way you will be getting the most win out of all of them and I guarantee you if you talk to someone in the field, the person who you want to be riding that horse will say “Yeah, I know a guy who will give you a lot of wins”. The good thing about American horses is that there is so much information, there is so much research and they have probably done more research in the American breeding than anyone else in the world and they are pretty well versed in American culture and so so their horses are well known. So that horse you are looking at is usually not only known within the industry of horse racing and they are known to everybody’s horse riding circle so if we look at our other choices, we look at the best American horses for racing and we just have to pick. If you had a lot of horses to choose from,

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