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I have a lot more horses than I could ride at the very best. But I have a little boy who is 12 months; and they are all great.” “And you won’t win an inch,” replied the Queen. “I have the best horse that has ever lived,” said a good-natured man; “I cannot see any thing worth it but a horse that can run a mile in an hour without getting tired.” “You will not win an inch or an inch. You do not try to win, and you can not. You cannot live to win,” said the Queen. “I cannot live until I see a horse that can run a mile in an hour without getting tired,” said one. “Is your son a horse to be chosen to win?” “No,” said the Queen. A little girl came up and took hold of the Queen’s hand, and her hand went out, and she said, “I am so glad to see you again.” “I have no doubt,” replied the Queen; “I always knew you would come this late. I always thought you would be here, and I should have thought of you myself if I had been dead before the time came.” “You were the prettiest in England about ten years ago,” said the little girl. “Oh, no!” said the Queen; “you are not the prettiest now; I have changed. I am now the most beautiful. I am the richest. I am the most admired.” “If you were the richest,” said the little girl, “you would never have asked me to marry you. When I saw you go out in the carriage last night my eyes told me you were very much in need of something.” “You never spoke to me till this time,” said the Queen. “When was it then?” said the little girl. “A week ago,” said the Queen. “Oh, if it was you that I loved, I should never go out for a day but would spend it in you; and that is the only time I ever spoke to you, ever.” “My son is very much in need of one of these,” said the little girl. “Then I will take him in, and we will go on on the other road.” “I had a beautiful little boy,” said the Queen, “and I never saw him till I was in town last night.” “But you had no mind to keep him?” “No,” said the Queen. “You do not understand. I have one in the

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