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No matter what the opponent is, you can’t let them win, unless that is your role. You can’t stay in another team’s face if you’re going to beat them. That’s really the key for me, to know the game, knowing who is playing well. My job is to see how I can get good shots for my teammates, and for me to continue to make shots. I’m going to continue to do that.

What’s the best tip that you’ve ever given or has been given?

Probably one of my brothers, and our dad, because he was a pro with the Rockets. The last time I played in that first game, we came in at 7 a.m. and he said, “You know I can’t sleep till Monday.”

When you play in front of thousands of fans, what are the most memorable moments that you’ve brought on this floor for them?

Sometimes when you’re going up against a great team, you’re going to have a tough fight. I’ve been on that stage several times, and sometimes, you can have a tough night if you don’t come out firing. The one time I got on the bench early, and the whole crowd of 12,000 or so turned their backs on me for the rest of the game, so that really set the tone for the rest of the game.

The last time I was in that arena, I got on the court and the whole court just gave me hell. They wanted to punch me, take me off of the court and throw me off of the court.

What was the weirdest thing you’ve been told?

I was told not to say this or that by NBA coaches, but some of them are very angry. Some coaches will say, “If you keep saying this, we’re going to leave you out of the league.” That really bothers me. This is the way the game is, you have to say the right thing. It would be silly for me to keep saying the wrong thing. There are teams out there where people are saying the wrong things. You keep trying to prove me wrong and people are going to keep saying the wrong thing, so why can’t I go and put an end to it? If I really got mad, I wouldn’t be playing anymore. So I keep pushing through it with all my might, trying not to disappoint any fans on either side, because I want to compete for a title, and if you make

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