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By being a better player on the court than your opponents are? Or will you win by being more creative? The only thing that stands between the two is your creativity. It’s a little like having a superpower. If you can make the most of it, you’re a winner.

Creativity vs. Coaching

One of the most important qualities on their own would have been a win as a player, but being a co-captain with some of the best basketball minds in the world has had more bearing on winning as a coach.

For the first time at the Olympics, a player is the head coach, which means that there are so many different types of coaches with such differing styles. These styles come from their coaching philosophies. What I mean by Coach X being a Coach Y is that they will both want each other to get better, because they believe they will do it better. What that means is that both coaches will do their utmost to instill into their players a positive mentality. There is no one type of coach that is better than another.

This type of team-based approach is the opposite of most basketball strategies, where there are no more specific requirements or rules in order to win. This makes some of the best teams in the world such as Team Europe, the NBA champion Golden State Warriors, and the current American champion Los Angeles Lakers.

What to Do Instead:

Instead of spending time thinking up ways your team can win by themselves, focus on the big picture, as I’ve mentioned numerous times before.

Do you really care what they are going to do? Why do you care anyway? If you just want to win, if only for a few hours, then do it. Just do it just because.

What if you have a coach that isn’t afraid of putting his players in an impossible situation, one where they have to be perfect and perfect is hard? What if you have a coach that plays to win, but is open to getting his players to do things that are impossible in order to win and will take some risks? Do you go with the coach that is willing to play to win, or do you play to have fun and challenge yourself?

What if you have a coach that plays to build a team that will have the best chance of winning in two or three years? What if you have a coach that wants to play games and not lose? Do you go with the coach that believes in “winning through effort without effort,” or

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