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• Are you a great horseman?

• Do you have what it takes to win the Derby?

These questions will be answered in a few minutes, but be warned, you may be asked questions that are similar to those above by a journalist in the near future. To receive updates on Derby news, like DerbyWatch on Facebook and follow @DerbyWatch on Twitter with the hashtag #DFWatch.

The winner of the Derby will receive a $1,000 prize.

The following are quotes from the movie “The Sixth Sense”

Buster (played by Michael J. Fox) said one of the most startling things he’s ever heard an actor put on the big screen.

When I was trying to get a hold of the original screenplay for “The Sixth Sense” it turned out the book never existed, just like my script for “Avengers.” That was really a big shocker. We went to the original drafts and there’s a lot of stuff that didn’t happen in it or the film has some stuff that doesn’t turn out how I’d like it to. And I read them in the first draft that Paramount gave me. I remember having a hard time believing they had given me this script. They didn’t even take it into the studio and make a deal with me to see if I could keep it in my head.

I remember seeing the script that George tried to make into a movie and I was thinking, What the fuck is that. You can’t do that! I mean really!!

I just saw it on the big screen. It was like a nightmare. It was real bad.

George tried and failed to kill the film from the start, he wanted to kill it before he let anybody see his script. I was terrified. George wrote this thing for seven months. So when the cameras started rolling, I knew I had to get some time to myself.

I said to George, “All we’ve done here is try to get the movie back on track. This is over for you.” [Laughs]. It took 10 years. George tried again. I know George and I know you. You do something you think will work. You’re trying to get something that doesn’t work out for you.

We met to talk about it. We all went back and forth saying, OK, what do you want to do? I say, “Why don’t we come back to it. If it works, if

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