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It was the only question I had about riding my horse, and it was about as simple as it was in the ’30s. I’d get out of bed every day and put on my riding gear. I’d go to the riding barn behind the store, where we’d have one or two horses for sale. They had some really good horses — the ones you’d see in the ads and in the literature of the day, which was mostly in the form of pictures of the same horses. They were big, solid, real good horses. Then I’d go to my stall, and I’d go up to my stall and the one day my owner said something like, ‘I know what you’re thinking — how fast can a horse run?’ and I said, ‘I can tell you.’ And he laughed at me. And he said, ‘You just say that to me. Say it to my horse, and I will have to tell him he can’t run!’

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We’d go to the races and there would be a lot of people there, and I’d say to them, like, ‘Yeah, but in my day, horses ran pretty fast!’ And they’d look at me like, ‘Yeah, but in my day, horses didn’t run that fast!’ And I’d look at them and say, ‘Yeah, but in my day, horses ran that fast!’ And they’d go, ‘I don’t get it . . .’ And I’d tell them about a man who was really good at what he did, and he was such a tough guy, and he told a funny story — a long, difficult story where he went out and he just threw the horses out of the race, right, and he started running after them . . . And they all just looked at me and go, ‘Ah, God!’ and they were so proud and they were so happy when he ran off with the big prizes in those days. And then he did it again that year, he did it again and his time was longer and he could win the big prizes . . .

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