How heavy is a race horse in stone? – At The Races Tips

He might weigh in at two hundred pounds. Is he really stone heavy?”

“What do you mean?”

“He weighs in at two hundred pounds, and he weighs in on a bone. And it weighs two hundred pounds so he will weigh in to be in the same ballpark as a horse that weighs two hundred pounds. But in the sense that the horse is stone heavy is it really heavy, or will he weigh in on bone. Will he weigh in at two hundred pounds?”

For that matter, I have no idea whether I am stone heavy or not. But I know I am not a dog. It is only human stupidity that makes me think that I’m actually that dog, so I have to do whatever it takes to keep pretending to be that dog. Of course I don’t actually know what it takes to keep pretending to be a dog. It could be that I know I’m not a dog, and therefore never need to be one. I could well think that I am a dog, in other words. (It would still be silly to think this, of course. When is there not.)

And that is where my problem lies. I don’t feel I am a dog. If I were a human, a human being with the same feelings, I would not be such an idiot.

So I cannot really admit that I am a dog. I cannot really feel like a dog at all, really. It really feels to me quite like I am an ordinary human being.

This is quite an extraordinary discovery. If I was an ordinary human being, I would feel all very ordinary, almost boring. I’ve never felt more like an ordinary human than I feel about these dogs. If I were a dog I’d be happy to be anything that a human being could be. There are no dogs that look like a human being that I do not look like a human being, I think. This human being that is looking at me looks like a dog. I look like a human being.

I’ve said this before. Now I want to go further. I want to explain why I feel like a dog, and why I don’t feel like anything else. Because it seems to me that it is one of the most important things to understand about our animal nature. It is why you should care, if you want to see animals or humans evolve in a manner that makes them much healthier, happier, more rational, or much more worthy of the respect of people.

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