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In stone? That’s a good question…It’s hard to say and you can’t tell what the weight will be before you run in the race.

Horse Weight is also the weight of the horse’s bones and muscles

Horsebone – this is where the bones of the horse are attached to the skeleton. This is often the heaviest part of the horse as you wouldn’t want your horse to weigh a lot of weight.

Bronze – there is a very light bronze equivalent to what you will find in racing stables.

Gravel – this is usually the hardest part of the horse’s structure.

Bones are mostly made up of two parts; cartilage and bone. The cartilage is the hard, elastic tissue of the animal. The soft bone is made up of fibres and the mineralization can make your horse look like a piece of clay, but will have the same level of weight. Bone that is damaged by exposure to heat or cold has a reduced mass, and the bone structure is weak.

It’s also an animal’s constitution or character that determines if a horse is more or less stiff or strong; that’s why you don’t see the same amount of weight or body weight that you see in a horse with a high constitution. A highly muscled horse can weigh 20 kg in cartilage, when he should weigh 8-9kg for a well-built horse.
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So, there you have it. You’ve learned the basic science of horse weight. If you know of any details or tips for how to tell the weight in racing, contact us at:

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