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If you take a nap for a couple of days before your next exam or test, you may feel the benefits of sleeping less.

In the next few months you’re likely to have a better understanding of your body’s sleep cycles and you’ll be able to sleep longer. But it depends on the age of the child, the weight of the child and the weight of your child.

Don’t tell your baby about it, though. If she’s under five months old, don’t tell her about it, and for older children try to spend more time with your baby during the day.

There are other reasons to start sleeping only for the time you really have to. You might feel that waking up at three, four or five in the morning is more important, and so sleep earlier.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be only for bedtime. You might need to leave the room, as you might not enjoy having your toddler sit alone while you work or go shopping.

If you’re worried about having your child nap in front of other people, don’t be. They won’t have any idea that they can start getting their naps at such an early time.

Don’t try to force yourself to do more naps than you can handle before bedtime. The goal is to become more experienced at sleeping more comfortably, no matter what time you wake up.

If you are pregnant and sleep more than eight hours on average every night, and your toddler is between the ages of about eight months and one year, start to reduce the number of naps.

If you are an older toddler, it’s best to leave naps for the afternoon to an hour or so, and then start spending at least the first couple of hours in front of your TV, or going for long walks.

There’s no way around it: sleep is a big part of raising good mental and physical health. Your child will benefit from your help in getting to sleep.

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For all the talk about the shrinking economy and growing wealth gap, rural Americans haven’t been doing so hot lately.

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