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You’ll have the most intense, sustained, deep sleep when you can nap for 45 minutes.

This doesn’t mean you should be snoozing as fast as possible. But your body needs to be at a reduced level of metabolism before it’s at a reduced level of wakefulness in order to get that deep, restorative sleep.

How long should I go until I feel fully alert?

If you need to fall asleep or are starting to feel sleepy, you probably had your maximum alertness in the last 5-10 minutes. If this is the case, you probably don’t have enough time left to get back up to that point.

This is because deep and extended sleep requires a level of mental concentration that’s difficult to build up to in the short term.

A short nap before bed might be ok if you need to sleep for a short time — for example while working out or for a period of a few months when you’re a new mom. But don’t overdo it.

You should plan to nap for 10-15 minutes or so, but don’t nap for longer than 2 hours and 30 seconds. Otherwise, you’ll become drowsy and your body will be set up for a slow-wave and deep sleep at the start of your fall. You’ll need to adjust to the changes at the time and will be more drowsy by the time you wake up.

Does time really matter?

Yes, the amount of time you need to get back to a deep and restorative sleep depends on a number of factors, but the important thing to keep in mind is the amount of time you’re sleeping. If you’re resting and sleeping for an hour or two but you’re waking up 5 minutes later than usual — you have 1.5 more minutes to sleep. On the same night, if you didn’t sleep at all, your body will start working harder and can’t wake up with an adequate amount of time to do so.

If you’ve got trouble falling asleep or waking up early at night, think about adding in a little nap or a few short naps during the day to help restore your sleep cycle.

How to get into natural deep and restorative sleep

When it comes to getting into natural deep sleep or sleep paralysis, it’s easier than you think.

You can learn how to induce sleep paralysis using a simple meditation technique called “Meditate for the Deep.” This technique doesn’t require any

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