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In the last two years, Canada has added over 100 new operators and has seen an immediate jump in the number of bets on sports.

According to CSEC, the average bet in Canada is $60.53.

“This number is on the rise, which is expected to continue in future years.

“The numbers speak for themselves,” noted CSEC’s chief financial officer, Tom Campbell, in a statement sent to CBC News.

‘No change in the numbers,’ says CSEC

In an email response to CBC News, CSEC spokesman Sean Whitcomb emphasized that “nothing has changed” in terms of Canadian sports betting activity.

“CSEC has remained consistent across the last eight years, as we did from 2005 to 2010, with the number of bets in the industry rising sharply,” Whitcomb said. “In 2013, the number of bets for our industry reached its highest level in four years.”

He noted that the numbers don’t include bets taken from online services such as Betfair.

There has also been a rise in the number of bets taking place on the World Series, the MLS Cup playoffs and the NBA Finals, along with the National Lacrosse League playoffs.

Whitcomb called those numbers “nothing to worry about.”

“It’s the same number each year because these types of games are not very lucrative for CSEC,” he said.

“The more difficult aspect for the CSEC is, in terms of where the bet is taking place.”

Who’s betting on these games?

According to a CSEC release, more than 80 per cent of players bet on the 2014 Major League Soccer Cup and 83 per cent of active MLS players bet on the NBA Finals.

That leaves a small percentage of betting on the Stanley Cup Finals and American college football. Other leagues have smaller numbers than CSEC.

The NHL, the NHLPA and the AFL are the other major betting leagues. They have combined to rake-in more than $1 billion in Canadian bets.

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