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A: Yes. “I’ve dunked myself to death, like, I got a lot of fun with it. They like to get their dick sucked.” Q: What’s a perfect dunk? A: “In all seriousness – I’d say a 40-footer is perfect – you just lay on your back, and go.” Q: Are you in the basketball league? A: (Laughs) I’m not sure. It’s interesting, ’cause my whole career I’ve been a guard. But we’ve been doing some sports stuff [as a team]. And we’re a really, really good basketball team. We’ve been doing some things with basketball and football, like the Raiders and Cowboys. It’s funny, because I think I’ve been a pretty serious athlete my whole life, but my mom would come into my room and say, “That’s the first basketball the kid has played in over six months, he’s a good baller.” My brother is a quarterback. So I was a little bit of the basketball-player. Q: So when you say you’re in the NBA, does this mean that you don’t have access to NBA 2K? A: I could have the first-team offense, which would really be great, but I’m good with the NBA game, with the coaching, but I don’t play with a ball to myself. So that’s the last time I’d like to play. I want to play with the ball. I want to be on the court. If people have a question, I want to give them my opinion. If I’m in practice, I’m in practice. I’m the man. It’s just, my mom always say, “You got to follow your dreams.” It’s been great to play with this new organization.

The latest in our growing list of Android and iOS news items reveals a new app that allows users to set reminders. The app, called ‘Clear,’ was first discovered by Android Central when user Mihai Ratawnă posted about it in the forum.
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The app allows the user to set a deadline for themselves, set a reminder on a specific day, send a text with a confirmation, or add a notification.

The app also supports Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Messenger, BlackBerry Messenger, Viber, Telegram, Instagram, Kik, iMessage, and Twitter. As the description says on the Android App Store, the app is aimed at “people who need extra reminders to get things done.”

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