What are good odds for horse racing? – Horse Racing Calendar 2020 Singapore

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• You can win a prize of $20,000 for a horse to race in the American Saddle Stakes on April 5.

• Winning a prize of $8,000 for a horse to race in the Belmont Stakes on May 2 is the biggest prize ever awarded, according to The Associated Press. The Associated Press also reported that if you bet $1000 on the Belmont Stakes to win in the horse of that color, you would win $8,000 — the $25,000 minimum needed at that time to qualify for that bonus.

• A $500,000 bonus is available for horse racing on the Belmont Stakes if you bet any money on its winner, according to The Hill.

• Some horses are worth more money than others, or can be more difficult to bet on. “We don’t have a good enough sample size that anyone should be worried about the difference in how much it is to wager or how many odds you’re getting,” Dr. Richard Bettinger, a professor of risk analysis at the University of Minnesota, said on CNBC last year. “I don’t think a horse that has not been promoted by a national horse racing company should be in the race.”

• How much you could win a horse betting on any race is dependent upon the race, how it’s promoted by a national race company, your risk tolerance and how much you’re betting, The Huffington Post reported in 2013.

• A horse that earns more money or has a less track record is less likely to win the most major races.

• The winning horse could be from the same barn multiple times, has a bad track record or has a tendency to have good results.

• Some horses win major races at odds much, much higher than other horses you could bet on. For instance, the odds you could bet on the Belmont Stakes are 1 in 11.8 million and on the Kentucky Derby, 3 in 31. You might only own a one in 20 chance of even being in the position to buy one ticket at either race, but the odds that you should bet on those races you could bet on is around 1 in 17.

• Betting on a horse you’re certain to lose is a risky bet. “The odds they’re setting for you are very high and if the horse is very good and they’re making it appear that way then that could make you very unhappy,” Dr. Peter Mancuso of Bet

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