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You will get a lot of info about the 3 human races. This isn’t the best way to explain it. They also are separated into 3 groups:

Humans – Humans are made by a super computer called ‘Aurora’.

Somestros – Humans that are born with their memories not fully developed or that don’t even have their body’s physical muscles.

Humans-Zapos – Humans that have never had the chance to experience space-time. They are often called ‘the forgotten’ or ‘the uncivilized’ because it is thought they are unable to interact with other planets and other people.

The 3 human races were created by Aurora to help them survive the great war. They were born and grown to be the strongest possible and most intelligent species. When Aurora left Earth for the other planets, all the races were split into 3 more.

What are the races of the zapos?

There are 3 races of zapos:



Tribal zapos

These 3 races live on different worlds and they can go to the other planets.

Humans have two races, Humans-Zapos (Humanoid) and Humans-Tribal zapos (Inner Human). Humans-Zapos are extremely intelligent and know the secrets of the universe.

In these two groups:

There are some people in these races. Some humans even have magical abilities as it is said that there are some ‘immortal’ humans in these races. Humans are more developed and better than other races than they have ever been and they are able to travel to several other worlds.

The two main groups are Humans-Zapos and Humans-Tribal zapos. Humans and Tribals are the same in the sense that they share the same language and they share this way of life. Humans are not as strong as most races but humans are highly intelligent and have the ability to survive.

There are some other beings like the ‘Immortal’ humans that can live forever in the Immortals’ bodies.

What are the different colors?

Humans can be born white, yellowish, dark green or brown. Tribals can be yellow, purple, purple, brown or red. Tribals are less intelligent but are more common.

There are also ‘dark brown’ and ‘black’ Tribals that

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