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I don’t. And if I had to guess I’d say if you were lucky enough to make a shot in basketball that was close, you would get a free throw (a rare occurrence). And that is pretty much it.

Is that true for soccer, too? Can you name any other sports that do this?

The rule is similar, but not as strict. Soccer has a lot of rules, for instance the ball must be stationary after a goal is scored or if it enters the goal.

How do you get the referee to change his mind and award a goal at the time it is the right time?

As you already know the players are all watching everything and they can judge when a goal is the right time. And the more experienced players will help the rookie, to make sure that the player does not get penalized for not scoring the penalty.

In fact, sometimes a new player might not know exactly when to shoot, so the older guys will tell them after the last ball hits the net.

Does this mean players always try to score? Or are there also other factors like defensive pressure and positioning?

I think that the goalkeeper and defenders try to play their passes in the right direction, and often it’s the goalkeeper who gets the credit for scoring. And it’s generally the goalie who scores in every goal. The other factor that increases the chances of scoring might be the presence of a striker.

There are many “rules” that the referees have for the ball, like when it stops moving horizontally or vertically. These are all rules that have changed since I first started working for the NBA. But no doubt some teams have to adapt some of the tactics.

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