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A. The most common breed of horse (the second most common type of horse after the American Equine) is the crossbreed: The name of the animal comes from its parent’s names. The American Equine is not considered a crossbreed.

Q. Can a crossbreed have a different name, such as a mule (or mule cross) for horse X, or a horse that breeds itself and/or others?

A. There are certain crossbreeds that don’t use names because they simply blend in in the general public. This is the standard for a crossbreed to be labeled as such. For instance, the Dogue de Bordeaux crosses all its racehorses with French breed horses.

Q. Can the owner make a mule/crossbreed on the spot?

A. Yes! As long as the mule has not already had a name, this would be a crossbreed.

Q. Any of the common names (like “American” or “Garden”) that have been used to describe crosses from other breeds is incorrect, and should probably be considered a crossbreed?

A. The majority of crossbreeds have been named the same as their parents, even though they share common ancestors. For example, “American” is an American, and “Garden” is a Garden. So while this may be incorrect for the majority of crosses, it may still be helpful to refer to a crossbreed by a common name.

Q. Can a crossbreed go on the show circuit (and even ride a horse on the field to be named)?

A. The term “crossbreed” is used to describe cross-breed horses.

Q. My cousin has a horse, and says it’s a crossbreed; they are named after their parents; and now they have a show horse! Is that a crossbreed?

A. If your cousin or half-cousin has a crossbred horse, it may not be a crossbreed. It’s not correct to call the horse a crossbreed, either; it’s a normal horse.

Q. My Aunt had a horse that was just called “American” and she had a crossbred American Equine named “American”. What is wrong with such a horse?

A. We’re a bit unsure about this one; American Equined is the American Equ

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