What color was the first human? – Drf Entries Horse Racing 2018

I think humans will always have been color blind, for it’s a very universal thing! You can look up any old site, you can look up any old book, you can look up any old newspaper. I think it’s a human characteristic that we have a blind spot. We can think on two separate levels. We look first at the immediate, then we look at the long-term. We can’t see into far off times, or into great long-term future.

I can’t tell you the stories that would make any sense!

I don’t care at this stage about your stories about your life. I don’t know about that! Just keep writing!

What is it like to write from the point of view of a person who has never had surgery?

I know this. It’s painful! I think most people who’ve never had body work go through it sooner or later.

Do you have a favorite story?


Do you have a favorite moment?

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If a particular scene in a work, or in an article, hits you so hard. When your body reacts, you know. It’s not an easy thing to do. For example, when I’m writing about human beings, when I’m writing stories about men or women, when I’m writing about how they look, when I’m writing something about their sex life, then the reactions are much easier for me because I don’t just write about our bodies, I write how they react.

I can’t tell you the stories that would make any sense!

I wouldn’t write about somebody doing surgery. I’m not willing to risk it! And I’ll tell you why. I’ll tell you because of the story I want to tell. I’ll tell you because of the character!

How about the characters of writers? Do you have a favorite book?

In the beginning of the novel I’m going to be very vague, I won’t say “he is an actor, so he is…” But I’ll say, “when he is…” and I’ll explain why I’m writing this character. I wrote an article on men and women earlier that’s very similar to this chapter. I don’t really do character development. When I am looking at something, I’m asking the question, “Does this make sense to me… or do I think it’s a waste of time?”. So I’ll think about it for a long time before

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