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The University of Southern Mississippi has become the first university in the nation to offer free online college classes for the first time as a way of combating the campus debt crisis. The first class for the university’s new online bachelor’s of science in public policy program began enrolling students on Oct. 6.

The program’s website, www.usmsr.edu, offers classes for the first time, offering the program, which costs $4,800, for two-semester, online courses with a total of 36 credit hours.

In an interview after the online course was launched, UA chancellor Ross Bjork said the program was not designed to reduce enrollments, but to create new ones. He said the cost of online education, unlike paying for tuition and books at home, is usually covered by the student after the initial tuition payment is made.

Bjork also said that while he personally doesn’t plan on making online education an option during his tenure as chancellor, the institution’s ability to do so and maintain an accredited status is important to him in terms of its future.

“This has been such an important, unique effort to bring the degree-granting process to everybody,” Bjork said. “It’s not just a Southern institution. We are, as a global institution, a leader.”

The chancellor said he would not divulge the exact content of the online classes, but said they would require some research into the topics that will be covered in the course.

The new online course begins in the fall and will be offered throughout the academic year. Bjork said the university’s plan is to enroll about 4,000 students in the course, which means the first class of the program will have about 875 students in total.
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“It’s an incredible effort and I think it’s one of our proudest accomplishments,” Bjork said.

Bjork, himself a former law school dean and former chief of staff for President Bill Clinton, said that in his view the public is at an inflection point and the current state of the United States may be the moment in which the country looks beyond the current national focus on economic growth and the issues of inequality as something to be approached carefully.

While Bjork said he is an expert on public policy, in this instance he has

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