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The most popular bets in terms of overall bets, according to the New York Times, are those on the Patriots, Packers to win the Super Bowl, Broncos to win the Super Bowl, and the Broncos’ win being the most likely scenario in Denver after last year’s stunning season-ending loss to the Colts. The Patriots are ranked second, and the Panthers and Eagles are third to fifth depending on which scenario you’re most interested in.

What else are you most interested in, for each team?

The “most likely scenarios” at each of the five positions are listed below along with the total points the team received if it won each one.

Winning the Super Bowl, with points added

Giants (2.7): This is where the Giants come out a lot on the field. It is difficult to get a clean read on which team is the favorite in the Super Bowl, however, they have one of the NFL’s most difficult matchups in New York that is likely to provide multiple high scoring efforts for the Patriots. The Giants are 4-2 in the AFC East and are just 1-9 against their NFC East opponents in the regular season.

Broncos (2.): The Broncos were 7-2 last season, and were the second ranked team in the AFC. With the win total tied at 7, it is likely that Denver is the AFC favorite.

Broncos (1.5): The Broncos have not finished in the top four in the scoring in any of the last two seasons, and the Patriots are one of only two NFL teams to win the Super Bowl in 2013, but they are not likely to be picked as the favorites in this season’s contest.

Steelers (1.5): It’s been an odd year for Pittsburgh lately, and the Steelers are not likely to be picked as the favorites. The Texans (2.3), Patriots (1.4) and Giants (1.3) are all higher scoring and more impressive teams against the Steelers.

Bowl win, minus points added

Steelers (4.6): Pittsburgh has been a bad team this season, and the offense has struggled in a few areas. With that said, they’ve still only lost once by a score of fewer than 20 points this season. The Steelers are a better team than anyone has thought, but winning the Super Bowl for this week’s contest is still very much a possibility.

Ravens (7.5): Baltimore may have scored more

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