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A horse is a beast of burden. That is, it is meant to carry one’s belongings, to carry one’s baggage, to carry other things, to carry food, water, clothing, tools, etc. It is for such a horse to carry such and such. It carries all of this as a package of baggage. So what I mean by “horse weight” is the weight of baggage and gear a horse needs to carry.

Why should you care about how much weight you take on your horse? Two reasons:

First, it is important to have a set of standards for a horse’s performance. You will need these when you find yourself putting a horse through a series of tests. You are not likely to have one standard for all horses. Instead, you need to set an upper bound to a given weight that you can realistically obtain when running trials with horses who will be judged.

Second, some of the horse-centric weight management systems I use are geared to specific species, not all horses. For example, some people use a weight system in which a horse that weighs 60 pounds has one pound less than its weight limit. But that is not the same as 60 pounds that are 80 pounds. One pound is 80 pounds. So any equestrian weight chart I use will have some equibase limits.

My method of measuring horse weight is to count the saddlebags, harness belts, saddle straps, leashes and any other attachments a horse needs to move into and out of a harness. Then it is to figure out how many pounds these attachments carry. I then add these carry weights (in most cases) to the total horse weight and apply this weight-to-weight formula to the remaining load on the horse to figure the total horse weight. All of these weights are added up. Then the total weight of the horse is measured: how many pounds do I need to haul this weight to its destination? So here you have to remember two things: First, if you are putting a load from the barn to your trailer, you do not have to worry about how much weight it takes to get your load to its destination because you have this weight calculator here on the Web. My weight calculator comes to this:

So my calculator gives you how many loads do I need at various weights from a horse that weighs 60 pounds. It gives me the number of pounds plus the load I need to haul, and it makes those two numbers easy to compare. But the key is to remember

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