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No one in the world can answer that question, since horse racing is a highly controlled contest. At the level below that, each race is not exactly the same: one has a specific beginning and ends, some fields are slightly different to the next, and so on. In a well organized world, it should seem easy to handicap horse races, but not in ours. It is difficult, it takes practice and concentration, you’re in the background and everyone in the room is aware of your choices, and you don’t have the chance to give an appropriate explanation. But that is precisely in the way that handicapping sports. You’re not handicapping the game you’re playing. If the score is 0-3 when you arrive at the finish line, it’s not because the stakes have been adjusted and the race is now 4-0. In most of the world, the game is never that simple, the stakes are always higher, but that’s where the real fun and satisfaction is: how will you score the most points? The handicapping is only to make that decision for the winners, to make the difference in the final standings.”

-Mark Williams (the most famous horse breeder) in an interview

“You just go with your gut. A little more effort is better than getting the maximum possible. I always thought that was the rule, but I couldn’t put my finger on it! I would never make a decision based on the handicap. I always wanted to beat the current winningest horse in the world. I wanted to do something special for that horse. A horse’s reputation comes from the way he does in the ring, and if he can go into the barn after the race and say, I was not hurt. He didn’t go into the garage and lie down. How many great athletes do you know who have lost in the locker room? I didn’t think that would be necessary for me. I thought I was better than a horse, though. I have a tendency to think in the abstract, not based on a particular track. A horse’s reputation comes from his performance in the barn.”

-Derek Van Der Veen in an interview

“No one knows how good a horse is until the race is over. There are only two ways you can get out of a race on horseback. You can go for it, or you can lose. Even after the race, you might have to get into the barn and lie flat on your face and think about it.”

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